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I’ve blown my diet.… 🫣

I’ve blown my diet.… 🫣

When you’re trying to lose weight we often conflate ‘healthy’ foods and automatically

helpful for weight loss. With the weather so warm at the moment you may be craving an ice lolly or two. You may even have two or three and then find yourself feeling guilty for having succumbed to the craving and berate yourself for being really ‘bad’ and blowing your diet. Or you may think you’re being very virtuous and avoid the ice cream and have what is perceived to be a ‘healthy’ snack of nuts and dried fruits.

In reality in terms of calories the ‘healthy’ snack is actually worse ! Yes the snack pot has a more protein (which can help you feel fuller for longer), and more micronutrients, so it is a more balanced snack, but that doesn’t mean the ice cream lollies are a bad option. Of course the ice cream lollies are high in sugar but sugar isn’t inherently bad either! In reality you’re unlikely to eat 3 ice lollies in one go anyway so you’d in fact be consuming even fewer calories!

Overall calories are what count if you’re trying to lose weight. You need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight so in that scenario the ice lollies are the better option. Especially if you’re eating a balanced diet and getting protein and the other nutrients in your other meals.

Emotional well being is also important and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy and instead choosing the fruit and nuts under the misguided impression that it’s a healthier option or because it’s marketed as ‘a healthy snack’ isn’t good for long term sustainability or a healthy approach to food.

Personally I’d choose both on different days – and I’d include them in my calories. The fruit and nuts are brilliant and do make a great snack option (as long as you’re aware of the calories) but on days like we’ve had lately an ice cream lolly or two is definitely required! 🍦 🤗


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