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Things you think cause cellulite…

Things you think cause cellulite… 😏

Cellulite, that dimpled, lumpy appearance of the skin, is something over 90% women (and 10% men) suffer from. There are loads of myths out there about what causes it and usually there’s some ‘solution’ they’re selling which can ‘fix’ the problem. There are loads of products and promises out there that claim to reduce cellulite – but what actually causes it and what actually works?

People will have you believe that cellulite is a result of you being heavier than you should be, of eating the ‘wrong’ foods, or not doing the ‘right’ exercises, or a result of hormones and therefore something that you can address. Well the reality is the main cause of cellulite…. is literally just existing (and particularly being female – though men also have it)!

The most important thing to note is that cellulite is normal, it can affect anyone, at any age, weight and fitness. It’s caused by fibrous connective tissue pulling on the fascia beneath the skin causing a dimpled appearance. It’s more prevalent in women because male connective tissue is more tightly interwoven. Women’s higher oestrogen levels also cause fat cells to respond differently, and as we age cellulite increases. It has a strong genetic component and some people are more prone to it than others.

Now whilst it is true that if your bodyfat is high then you may have more prominent and prevalent cellulite, (so fat loss via a calorie deficit may reduce it) but as it’s about the structure of the fat deposits you can’t completely get rid of it, unless you reduce your bodyfat to dangerous levels. You also can’t exercise it away. A good diet, good sleep, and regular exercise are all great for your health but won’t reduce the appearance of cellulite. There is also zero evidence that any specific foods either increase or reduce cellulite. Though studies have shown that if you smoke then giving up can help as the chemicals reduce blood flow, weaken and disrupt collagen formation meaning fat shows through more.

There is zero evidence that any of the so called ‘cellulite’ reducing creams, gels, laser treatments, detoxes, supplements, funky workouts or foods have any significant effect. Any effects are temporary at best and ‘work’ by tightening the top layer of skin but the effects wear off after a few hours. There are surgical options that claim to reduce it but none give permanent results, most are very expensive and involve cutting the fibrous tissue to reduce the appearance.

We all have cellulite – I have it, I’ve had it since my teens, and I had it at my lowest and highest bodyfat. It’s a fact of life so don’t waste energy or money trying to get rid of it. Focus on eating a healthy, balanced diet and doing exercise you enjoy to keep yourself fit and healthy.

🤗 xx

2 thoughts on “Things you think cause cellulite…”

  1. Cellulite is an interesting topic because while many people think that aspects like unhealthy eating causes it, it can simply just exist on its own. Great insight shared here.


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