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Tuesday Tip: More sweat isn’t always better

Tuesday Tip: More sweat isn’t always better 😅

We often believe the marker of a good or effective workout is how sweaty or out of breath you get? But think about it – if you run up the stairs or for the bus are you sweaty and out of breath? Quite possibly – would you consider it an effective workout? Probably not! Does it get you closer to your goals? Well the goal of getting the bus/to the top of the stairs – yes – but a goal of getting stronger – probably not!

We think how much you sweat correlates to how good a workout is or even much fat you’re burning. The reality is it just means you’re hot and trying to cool down and the amount you sweat can relate totally unrelated factors like hormones, your immune system, levels of hydration and climate. So try not to focus only these superficial feelings. Getting sweaty isn’t the be all and end all of a workout. Just getting sweaty doesn’t mean you’re getting stronger or fitter. Instead focus on things like – are you getting stronger? Are you lifting more weight? Are you managing more reps? Are you improving your form? Are you getting faster? Are you having fun?

If you answer yes to any of these then yes it’s an effective workout – regardless of how much you sweated!

Happy Tuesday🤗xx

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