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‘Low calorie’ cereal vs normal cereal…

‘Low calorie’ cereal vs normal cereal… 🥣

Weight loss is such a massive industry that it’s not surprising food manufacturers have tapped into that for their marketing. It’s very common to see foods marketed as ‘skinny’ or low calorie. Most people would assume that the ‘skinny’ chocolate cereal is a lower calorie choice whilst the coco pops are a higher calorie choice.

In reality the coco pops are actually lower in calories than the skinny branded product. The skinny cereal also use a 25g serving for their proclamation of only 108 calories, whilst most cereals use 30g. So if you were comparing these quickly in store you may not spot that (30g coco pops is 116 cals).

So don’t automatically assume these weight loss branded foods are always the better option. Sometimes they’re the same or worse than other brands and often pricier. If you enjoy them then definitely have them, but if you’re only having them because you think they’re ‘good’ then think again.

Read the labels and look at the calories and then make your choice. If you’re trying to lose weight then go for the lowest calorie option, that you actually want to eat!


4 thoughts on “‘Low calorie’ cereal vs normal cereal…”

  1. It’s interesting to see just how calorie-dense cereal can be, even the ones that are touted as “healthier” for people. Always important to read nutritional facts.


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