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Tuesday Tip: Are Fat burners worth it?

Tuesday Tip: Are Fat burners worth it? 💊

The idea of taking a pill to burn fat is a really enticing one and it’s not surprising people are eager to take them. But let’s not forget the basics – in order for fat loss to happen in the first place you HAVE to be in a calorie deficit. So the bad news is that fat burners don’t actually burn fat. Sorry.

So what do they do? Well they actually aim to increase energy expenditure. They do this because they contain stimulants – like caffeine. The idea is that they could aid fat loss because you would burn more calories and end up in a greater calorie deficit. However in reality they do little to increase your energy expenditure on a day to day basis. They may give you a little extra energy for your workouts but the difference in calories burned will probably only be 100 or so at the most. A cup of black coffee would have the same effect. Most importantly if you’re taking fat burners but are in a calorie surplus then they’re not doing to do anything other than create a deficit in your bank balance.

A review of studies of the use of fat burners found their effects to be insignificant when compared to diet and exercise alone. In addition, some fat burners can cause health issues. Hepatic and renal issues (liver and kidney) have been associated with some

fat burning supplements, as have strokes and sudden cardiac arrests. There is also the risk of psychiatric and cognitive issues with many fat burners too.

So all in all fat burners aren’t really worth it, and could even cause adverse health issues. They could be used as stimulants which may help with energy levels but other stimulants like coffee or caffeine containing products will have a similar effect. So you’re much better saving your money and focusing your efforts on sustainable lifestyle changes in diet and exercise that will provide long term changes and overall health.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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