Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Focus on food for fat loss

Tuesday tip: Focus on food for fat loss 🥗

I often tell my clients who are trying to lose weight/fat to divorce the exercise from the weight loss side of things. Whilst exercise obviously has many health benefits, and

everyone should certainly be exercising, it’s actually not what you should be focusing on for fat/weight loss.

To start with the amount of exercise you would need to do to create a substantial calorie deficit isn’t really sustainable or feasible for most. We are also all really terrible at estimating how many calories we burn through exercise. We always over estimate and think we’ve burnt more calories than we actually have so we end up consuming more calories and eating back the deficit and more.

Studies have also shown that large amounts of exercise also lead to compensatory behaviour – you begin to move around less, sit and lie down more. In addition excessive exercise increases hunger, and tiredness which leads to further eating and often reaching for higher-calorie foods to increase your energy.

There is an exception. IF however your primary goal is gaining muscle then the exercise takes priority and your diet needs to support that. Strength training (lifting weights) is the stimulus that tells your body to increase muscle mass and get stronger. You need the food to support this but more food doesn’t equate to more muscle (as there’s only so much extra calories that can be used for muscle synthesis – the rest is stored as fat). Building muscle is a slow process – it can take months/years to see significant progress so focusing on improvements and progression in workouts is a good way to stay motivated.

SO, for weight/ fat loss, prioritize your diet and focus on a calorie deficit, and ignore any calories you burn exercising. It’s

much easier to cut a few hundred calories from your diet than it is to try and burn an equivalent amount through exercise every day.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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