Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip : Calorie Counting Doesn’t work

Tuesday Tip : Calorie Counting Doesn’t work 🤔

I hear this a lot – people tell me that calorie counting didn’t work for them and that despite only eating 1000 cals (or whatever value it is) they just didn’t lose weight.

If the goal is to lose weight/fat then the only way to do this is to be in a energy (calorie) deficit. This is a fact and hundreds of studies support this. The means by which you achieve that deficit can obviously vary. It doesn’t mean you HAVE to count calories. But if calorie counting didn’t work for you that means you weren’t in a calorie deficit.

If you thought you were only eating 1000 calories then something is definitely going awry as anyone on that level of calories WILL lose weight.

So if calorie counting doesn’t work for you then these are probably the reasons why.

# 1 Measuring inaccurately

This is the most common issue – not weighing food accurately. If you’re just using MyFitnessPal and finding a rough estimate that you ‘think’ is right then it’s not going to cut it. If you’re guessing weights then you’re almost certainly be under estimating – again hundreds of studies show this to be the case – even in experienced ‘trackers’. Eyeballing amounts accurately is incredibly hard and unreliable. So get the kitchen scales out – measure in grams and millilitres (not cups and tbsp) and then you’ll have a better level of accuracy.

# 2 Lack of consistency

You feel like you’ve been on track consistently for weeks but in reality those weekends, nights out, or those days when you’ve emotionally eaten have taken you over etc. We’re very good at ‘forgetting’ (unintentionally) all the times we actually don’t stick to the plan. So if you haven’t lost then perhaps it’s because you haven’t been consistent enough?

# 3 Not enough time

Maybe you’ve been trying for a couple of weeks but aren’t seeing the results you want yet. Well that’s probably because you need to do it for longer! It takes weeks and months – not days to see sustainable losses. Remember you didn’t put the weight on in a few days, it’s not going to come off in a few days either. You need consistency over 7 days a week, for weeks and months.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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