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View calories like you view your budget…

View calories like you view your budget… 💰

If you want to stay in control it’s useful to think of your calories the same way you think about your financial budget.

Budgetting your finances is never something to be ashamed of right? It’s a good thing and shows responsibility – it’s also vital if you want to be able to stay afloat! From your budget there will be things you have to pay for regardless – rent/mortgage, bills, basic groceries, clothing etc. You may also be trying to save some the budget too. With a budget you have a set amount you can spend so you can’t spend more, but If you are trying to save too much you may deprive yourself of things that make you healthy and happy, so you’ll likely include some luxuries/ treats/ ‘non essentials’ in the budget. As it’s YOUR budget you can also choose to spend extravagantly on certain things if you’ve saved up some extra money – but you’ll have to have saved up to afford them.

The same applies for your calories. You know how much you can eat per day to lose fat and if you eat more you will gain fat. If you eat too little, it won’t prevent fat loss but you will probably be miserable. So you’ll need to budget in your meals, a range of nutrients, fruit and veg, etc and also some emotionally pleasing foods/treats to keep you happy. And, as with a financial budget, you can always choose to spend more for certain things, as long as the overall calories stay in budget over the week/month etc.

Budgeting your calories isn’t something to be self-conscious or embarrassed about; it shows you’re looking after yourself.

There are a few ways to do this:

1. Track food and drink as you go along, then stop when you reach the calorie limit. This works as you won’t overeat and it shows where you’re spending your calories. BUT you have to stop when you hit your target which can be tricky if you use up the cals early in the day. Fat loss may take longer but you’ll be learning along the way so will naturally get better at hitting your calories.

2. Pre-set Budget – plan ahead to meet your calorie budget by tracking in advance. This is the best option as you’re likely to hit your target, but you might find it too restrictive depending on your personality and lifestyle

3. Wing it! This only works if you happen to have a small appetite naturally and rarely overeat (a naturally frugal person), so only works if you already have those habits. Of course it teaches you nothing about calories.

Happy budgeting and Tuesday 🤗


2 thoughts on “View calories like you view your budget…”

  1. Anyone that’s looking to manage their calories better should look at this more like a financial budget, I would agree. Being able to map out everything helps with setting goals, too.


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