Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: A few weight loss truths

Tuesday Tip: A few weight loss truths ✨

There’s so much conflicting information out there and it’s very easy to get swept down the fad diet/weight loss river. Sometimes it’s worth just stepping back and focusing on a few, possibly unpopular, truths about nutrition and fitness. So here are a few of mine!

# Carbs aren’t inherently bad

Contrary to many people’s beliefs there’s nothing inherently bad about carbs. It’s the carlories that count – cutting carbs won’t automatically result in weight loss unless you reduce your calories. We need carbs – for fuel, cutting them out completely simply makes you tired, lacking in energy and miserable. Don’t do it!

# No food is inherently bad

See above! But for any food. There is nothing inherently ‘bad’ about any food – just the quantity you consume. Don’t demonise foods – it never ends well!

# Being sweaty / sore doesn’t mean always mean it was a productive workout.

Yes it can indicate that you worked hard, or differently, but equally it might just be that you’re sweating because it’s warm/ you’re more stressed / hormone related… and you might be sore simply because you’re using different muscles. Don’t use soreness or sweat as a measure of progress. Instead look at tangible achievements – lifting more weight, managing more push ups, etc.

# Exercise should never be punishment for what you’ve eaten. Exercise should be about making you feel good – improving health and fitness, enjoying yourself, having fun – getting endorphins going. Aside from anything you can’t ‘out-exercise’ diet, so try to divorce the two things.

# Your relationship with food is just as important as what you eat. Consider why you’re eating things as well as what it is.

# Reaching a number on the scales / dress size won’t automatically make you happy with your body.

# The only way to lose fat is with a calorie deficit. The only way to maintain that fat loss is by changing your habits and behaviours. Which is why fad diets, detoxes, cleanses etc don’t work long term.

# The best ‘diet’ is one that’s most sustainable for you!

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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