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I want frosties but I’m watching my calories so having weetabix…”

“I want frosties but I’m watching my calories so having weetabix…” 🥣

Before I start I’m not suggesting Frosties – sugar coated flakes of corn are a particularly ‘healthy’ breakfast. But I think most people would naturally assume it was also significantly higher in calories than other ‘healthy’ cereals and I imagine that given the choice, most people would choose the weetabix as the better option to reduce calories. But is it really?

A 50g portion of frosties (because who actually has the recommend 30g?!) comes in at 187 calories (excluding the milk). Now as expected it’s high in sugar (18.5g) – I mean it’s coated in the stuff so that can’t be a surprise.

In contrast 50g of weetabix are 181 cals, so they’re only actually marginally less calorific – 6 calories (which in the grand scheme of things means very little). Now they obviously contain much less sugar (2.1g) and more protein (6g), and fibre (5g), which are beneficial of course but that doesn’t make them automatically better for weight loss.

When it comes to fat loss it’s the calories that matter – create a calorie deficit and you will lose fat/weight. So in this scenario you’d be no better off with the weetabix over the frosties. Now there are some additional benefits to the weetabix as I mentioned – less sugar, a little extra protein and more fibre which may help keep you a little fuller. Both cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals anyway so you’re not missing out on as much as you think with the frosties. Plus many people will add sugar etc to weetabix anyway – thereby increasing the sugar and calories.

Now personally, I am not a fan of frosties at brekkie – but not because I think they’re that much worse than weetabix – rather I just don’t want super sweet cereal at that time in the morning lol!

However if you love frosties and you enjoy a bowl for brekkie then go for it (they’re also great sprinkled on ice cream …) ! If you love the weetabix then have it! But if you’re eating weetabix because you think it’s lower calorie, or feeling guilty for loving a bowl of frosties to start your day, then stop worrying. As long as you’re having a balanced diet you’ll get plenty of nutrients in throughout the day so if you love frosties enjoy them! 🥣 😋

Whichever you choose – read the labels, check the calories and be mindful of your portion size but most importantly enjoy it!

🤗 xx

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