Nutrition and Calorie Tips

A bit of mayo on your sandwich…

A bit of mayo on your sandwich…. 🥪

As I mentioned last week, it’s often the little things that can make a big difference when you’re trying to lose weight/ fat. Condiments often add more calories than we realise and because they’re not really seen as ‘food’ we generally overlook them when it comes to tracking calories. So swapping them to a lower calorie option is a great way to save some calories without impacting too much on the overall taste of the meal. It’s also a brilliant way to make sustainable long term changes to your diet.

In this example I’ve chosen Mayonnaise. The standard Mayo that you might put in your sandwich or dip your chips in will cost you around 202 calories. You’ve got a couple of options for swaps – both a light and a lighter than light option. The latter is almost a tenth of the calories! And if you don’t fancy the lighter than light option then the light option is still over half the calories of the original version.

So if you enjoy a bit of Mayo then perhaps it’s worth checking out these options for some easy calorie savings. Obviously if you enjoy the original version then have it! Just be aware of those calories and include them in your tracking. 🤗 Xx

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