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Healthy vs unhealthy option?

Healthy vs unhealthy option? 🥗

Restaurant dining can be a bit of a minefield if you’re trying to watch your calories or lose weight. As I’ve said before, we often have a number of preconceived ideas about which the ‘healthier’ option is and equate that with lower calorie. In reality sometimes things aren’t quite as you’d expect.

Another great example of this is pizza express option. The Nicoise Salad with dough sticks is certainly a healthy option – full of fibre, lean protein and micronutrients.

You may order it assuming it’s one of the best options to go for – and it is a great choice! But you may also assume it was a lower calorie option, and therefore probably not think twice about having the dough sticks with it etc. You may even avoid what you really wanted, a lasagne or pizza, because you assume the salad is lower.

However that’s not actually the case. In reality the lasagne is actually lower calorie and fat than the full salad with dough sticks. The difference isn’t that large but it is there nonetheless. Now if you want the salad because you like it then definitely go for it, but if you’re choosing it when you’d prefer the lasagna maybe stick to what you like! If you do want to reduce the calories then the Nicoise without the dough sticks or dressing is the best option.

Enjoy 🤗


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