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Just a Chinese Takeaway…

Just a Chinese Takeaway… 🥡🥢

Although traditionally an end of week “treat” recent research shows that over 1 in 10 people will order takeaway on a Monday or Tuesday night and 1 in 5 have at least 1 takeaway a week. Chinese is one of the most popular. If you’re trying to lose weight/fat then these takeaways can prove tricky to navigate. You may even feel like it’s not even worth trying to “be good”; what’s a few more prawn crackers when you’re already “ruining” your diet? You don’t need to avoid them and you don’t need to write off the day either.

As you can see the difference between the two Chinese options are massive. For most people that 970 dinner will take up a large chunk of their daily calories BUT it’s a lot more manageable within the context of the week overall. You can easily offset some of those cals with a lighter breakfast and lunch that day, and reducing calories by 100-150 a day for a few days either side.

So what should you choose? Most starters are heavy on the cals; bbq spare ribs are 870 cals, 3 spring rolls are 690 and sesame toast is 610 cals. Prawn crackers are also quite a lot at 570 cals. Instead go for a soup; hot and sour soup is only 100 cals, and crab or chicken and sweetcorn is a reasonable 170 cals. It’s also filling. Steamed dumplings are a good choice too at 70 – 90 cals per dumpling.

Anything “crispy”, “battered”, or “stir-fried”, “sticky” or “sweet” will be higher calorie. Anything named “special” usually has extra ingredients making it higher cal too. Sweet and sour battered pork is 960 cals and egg-fried rice is around 560 cals. Choose main dishes with prawn, beef, or chicken that aren’t battered. Beef with green peppers is around 500 cals. Chicken chow mien is a great option as there’s no need for additional rice etc and only 590 cals. If you do need rice try to go for plain (390 cals). Also use chopsticks as they slow you down meaning you’ll be less likely to overeat.

Sustainable, long term weight management is about working out ways to compromise and manage things like takeaways without them being all or nothing! So you can still have fun, still have delicious food, but still stay on track!

Enjoy 😊


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