Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Lockdown Mental Health

Tuesday Tip: Lockdown Mental Health 💜

With news of the second lockdown it’s natural to be feeling anxious, upset, frustrated etc. This situation is out of our control so it’s important to focus on things we can control to help protect our mental health. Here are a few tips:

#1 Acknowledgement

Acknowledge that this is a sh*t situation and it’s ok to be sad, mad, angry etc about it. It’s ok to feel anxious about it.

#2 Moderate news consumption

It’s great to stay informed but be mindful of obsessing over the news and updates. Avoid scaremongering news and find positive stories or reliable data instead.

#3 Stay active

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy (stimulating the immune system), and needs concentration, so is a distraction. It combats physiological symptoms of anxiety e.g. nausea, muscle tension etc and endorphins make you feel good, as will fresh air and sunshine if you can get out.

#4 Eat well

It’s easy to resort to self destructive behaviours e.g. booze, overeating etc. Remember alcohol is a depressant so won’t help your mood, and overeating can lead to a cycle of guilt. Aim for balanced meals and include all the foods you enjoy, in moderation.

#5 Routine

Set yourself a routine; including leisure time like walks, baths, calls to friends or family etc. If you’re working from home again set boundaries and a consistent daily work routine and stick to it! Take breaks, accept that you won’t be as productive at home. Stick to a good sleep routine; get up at similar times.

#6 Unfollow

If people or accounts are causing you stress mute or unfollow them. You’ll probably be on social media more over the next few weeks so make sure your feed includes people/content you actually want to see or that makes you feel better.

#7 Connections

Connect with friends/family rather debating with strangers on social media. If you have someone you’re close to make a pact to keep an eye on each other, or a code phrase for when you’re not doing ok. It’s also ok to want, and to take some alone time from those you live or work with too.

Above all, be kind – to yourself and each other. 💜 Take care, and if anyone needs anything I’m always here – anytime.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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