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‘Just a savoury snack…’ 😬

‘Just a savoury snack…’ 😬

Sometimes you just can’t beat a savoury snack and crisps often fit the bill. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. People often wrongly assume that to lose weight they need to stop snacking completely. Trying to completely cut out snacks is usually totally counter productive and unsustainable long term.

Snacks are no different to your main meals – they’re just a label for smaller portions of food. It doesn’t matter if you have 3 meals and no snacks, 4 meals and 3 snacks, 1 meal and 6 snacks a day… as long as the total calories are below your daily expenditure (and therefore you are in a calorie deficit). The problem arises though when those snacks aren’t smaller portions at all.

Crisps are a great example of a savoury snack that often becomes more than a snack. It’s very easy to eat well over 700 cals in one sitting without even realising it. However a smaller portion of 40g which is still a decent amount of crisps is much more manageable within your daily calories.

So rather than trying to ‘cut all snacks’ instead work on moderation – try to keep those ‘snacks’ as actual snack-sized portions and most importantly be aware of the actual quantities you’re eating and fit them into your diet accordingly.

Enjoy 🤗 xx

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