Nutrition and Calorie Tips

The real problem…

The real problem… ☕️ 🍪

When you’re trying to lose weight its often easier to fixate on the main meals, planning out breakfasts, lunches and dinners and focusing on them. That’s great and that will definitely help, but often that’s not actually where the issue lies.

An average breakfast of 250 – 350 cals, a lunch of 500 – 600 cals and a dinner of 600 – 700 cals gives you around 1,400 – 1650 cals per day. For most people this will be perfect for weight loss or maintenance (obviously it’s age, gender, height, weight, and activity dependant so this is just an example). But what about all the extras? Those things that you have every day without perhaps even realising it. The couple of cappuccinos (380 cals) you have throughout the day, and those biscuits you grab from the staff room (168 cals).. or maybe that smoothie you have to go with your lunch (it’s fruit right?) – that’s another 351 cals. Perhaps it’s the handful of “healthy” cashew nuts you grab in the afternoon (167 cals), or the mocha latte you treat yourself to as it’s been a tough day (455 cals)… or the chips you grab from the kid’s plate while they’re having their tea… (250 cals)… This little lot of extras racks up a whopping 1,771 cals! And you can easily see how it could happen without really noticing.

Now I’m definitely NOT saying you need to cut out all coffee, or biscuits, or not treat yourself to things BUT it’s definitely worth examining all these little extras when it comes to trying to create a calorie deficit. You’ll probably find that your main meals are actually fine and it’s some of the extras that are where the extra calories are coming in.



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