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Low calorie, sweet fix!

Low calorie, sweet fix! 🍪

We all need a sweet fix from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with any sweet snack you choose to have, but if you’re trying to fit it into your daily calorie goal it can be handy to have some go to lower calorie options.

This is obviously a tiny drop in the ocean of sweet snack options but hopefully it provides a range of ideas, some of which you may not have thought of. These are particularly useful if you struggle to ‘just have one’ as they’re portioned already or in snack packs (and they’re low enough that you could have a couple!). If you’re gluten or dairy free the Rocky rice bars are well worth checking out – really tasty!

And before anyone starts talking about them being full of ‘sugar’ – yes many are but remember sugar isn’t the devil (and there is no evidence it causes health issues in moderation and in isolation). Sweet snacks and treats are absolutely fine as part of a balanced diet. If that chocolate bar or biscuit a day helps you stay on track and makes you happy keep doing it!

Asda low cal jelly pot – 1 cal

Mini Jammie dodger snack pack – 89 cals

Rocky Rice bar – 93 cals

Fibre one bad – 87 cals

Mallow and marsh bar – 79 cals

Curly wurly – 118 cals

Milkybar mousse – 85 cals

2 pack lotus biscuits – 74 cals per pack

Flower & white Meringue bar – 96 cals

Strawberries 400g – 132 cals

So there you go! A few options to try when you fancy something sweet but don’t want to spend too many calories! I’m sure you all have a few favourites too – let me know what your go to low cal snack options are below.

Enjoy 🤗


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