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Low calorie or “normal” ice cream?

Low calorie or “normal” ice cream?….. 🍦

Here are two ice cream options – one is a low calorie, currently very popular ice cream stick – a halo top strawberry cheesecake one. The other is an oldie but a goodie and just a “normal” ice cream – the humble strawberry split.

Now anyone who knows me knows I’m a massive fan of the low calorie Halo top ice cream – not just because they’re low calorie but because they taste good. But it’s very easy for people to discount the “normal” strawberry split. So whilst these are obviously not directly comparable in flavour and texture etc they are very similar and serve a similar purpose – as a dessert or snack. One is marketed as low calorie, one isn’t.

I think it’s safe to assume that many of use would presume the halo top ice cream is the “healthier” option as it’s marketed as low calorie, and certainly the lower calorie option. In reality it’s not – the strawberry split is actually considerably fewer calories. So if you were tracking calories and trying to lose weight/bodyfat then the strawberry split would be a better choice. It does however have a bit more sugar than the Halo top – so if weight loss isn’t a goal but you want to go for a less sugary option then the halo top might be the better choice.

Overall the differences are relatlively small. Neither is a “healthier” option – it’s ice cream. Ice cream isn’t consumed to provide us with nutrients – it’s consumed because we enjoy it – so choose the one you enjoy most! However, as always, be aware of those calories – you may find some of your favourite ice creams aren’t actually as bad as you thought they were!

Now go and enjoy an ice cream



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