Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Skipping to Fitness

Tuesday tip: Skipping to Fitness 🏃🏼‍♀️

With gyms closed we’re all having to workout at home (or outside) but as the weeks go on motivation can wane. Having just had Easter too you may, like me, be feeling like you need to do some exercise. If you can’t face long home workouts or don’t have time with home schooling/ work etc then I have the perfect solution!

This is one of my favourite cardio exercises (as many of my PT clients will already know!) – skipping! It’s cheap, easy to do and can be done almost anywhere – and it’s really effective too! As well as being great for improving cardiovascular fitness, it is also great for helping to recruit and increase fast twitch muscle fibres to keep you agile, and improves balance and coordination . Studies have shown it is as effective as a 45 minute run in improving fitness and fat burning. And contrary to what you might think If done properly, skipping is lower impact on the joints than jogging or running. However, it does require the correct technique – light 2 footed jumps on the balls of your feet, only a couple of cms off the floor. This amount of impact is enough to support healthy bone density and prevent osteoporosis but not enough to stress the knees, ankles and hips too much.

And even better, a recent study by the Waseda University in Japan discovered that participants who took part in ten mins of skipping a day experienced a drop in appetite (compared to those who did nothing or did other cardio exercises such as cycling and running). It turns out that the up and down movements from skipping actually cause less ghrelin (the hunger stimulating hormone) to be produced by the gut. So you end up feeling less hungry – which means you will tend to eat less! Ideal for lockdown eh?

Try 2 min blasts now and then through your day.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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