Nutrition and Calorie Tips

It’s ok, I’ve had a healthy snack…

It’s ok, I’ve had a healthy snack… 😇

When you’re trying to lose fat it’s natural to try to avoid ‘junk’ food or foods high in sugar and fat. And for many people succumbing to that craving for something like a Krispy kreme doughnut is then considered a failure, accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame. But had they had the fruit and nut snack pot they’d have been feeling virtuous and like they’d stayed on track.

In reality in terms of calories, sugar and fat the ‘healthy’ snack is actually worse! Yes the snack pot has a little more protein (which can help you feel fuller for longer), and more micronutrients, so it is a slightly more balanced snack, but that doesn’t mean the doughnut is necessarily a bad option.

Overall calories and overall nutrition are what count – and if you’re trying to lose fat you need to be in a calorie deficit – in that scenario the doughnut is a better option. Especially if you’re eating a balanced diet and getting protein and the other nutrients in your other meals.

Emotional well being is also important and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy and instead choosing the graze box under the misguided impression that it’s a healthier option or because it’s marketed as ‘protein’ isn’t good for long term sustainability or a healthy approach to food.

Personally I’d choose both on different days – and I’d include them in my calories. The fruit and nuts are brilliant and do make a great snack option (as long as you’re aware of the calories) but sometimes if you’re dying for a doughnut then just have the goddamned doughnut! And enjoy it! 🍩🤗

Nutrition and Calorie Tips

What you should focus on during a workout

What you should focus on during a workout… 🏋🏻

There’s a common misconception that you can only get a ‘good’ workout if your heart rate peaks at its highest ever, that you are sweating tonnes, or if you are burning as many calories as possible. Many people focus on these as indicators or whether their workout was good or bad.

However none of these correlate with how effective a workout actually is. They also don’t correlate with how much fat you’re burning either. Hitting a higher heart rate doesn’t mean you’re burning more body fat. Sweating doesn’t either – it just means you’re cooling your body down or it could relate to your level of hydration, hormones, etc.

Most importantly your calorie burn doesn’t necessarily reflect the effectiveness of your workout. It’s highly inaccurate – no device can accurately count how many calories you’re burning. It’s also irrelevant. It may take you 45 mins to burn 500 calories but you can consume those calories in 4 mins (or less!). You can never out exercise what you’re eating (and I’ve written about this in other posts). Unless you’re working out for 10 hours a day it’s impossible to use exercise to lose fat (Note – working out for that long is most definitely not a suggestion!). It’s your diet that determines the fat loss.

So exercise should be focused on increasing and improving performance. Separate it from the calorie side of things. Instead focus on lifting more weight, doing more reps, improving your 5k time, improving your range of motion and technique etc. Don’t put your energy and effort into things that ultimately don’t matter and will just cause you more stress. Chasing higher heart rates and higher calorie burns isn’t sustainable or enjoyable. Don’t chase a feeling – chase results – getting stronger, doing more push ups, managing that burpee, lifting more

weight etc.



Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Reverse Lent

Reverse lent! 😇

Today is the first day of Lent! Regardless of your beliefs or faith Lent has traditionally become a time when people give up various things they consider ‘bad’. Now whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all sometimes it can become more of a negative rather than positive experience.

So how about instead of giving up things, you turned it around and tried taking something up or giving something to others?

You could do some voluntary work, or you could give things to charity. For example, try setting up a box and popping one item of clothing or something you don’t want anymore in it every day for each day of lent, then donate to charity at the end!

You could give your time to someone – it could be something simple like helping a friend or neighbour, or calling someone for a chat. Or you could take up a new hobby or challenge during Lent – try something new like gardening, knitting, drawing, or perhaps a fitness based challenge – trying new classes, walking every day, working out 3 times a week etc.

What do you say? 🤗

How about a reverse lent?


Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘Just a drizzle…..’

‘Just a drizzle…..’ 🍳

If you’re trying to lose fat and are working on reducing calories then you’re probably going to be recording your cals somehow. But are you really recording everything? It’s very easy to overlook some things because they seem so insignificant.

Oil used in cooking is a great example. So many of my clients will say they’ve just used a ‘drizzle’ of oil when cooking, so it’s not much. As a result they perhaps don’t measure it and don’t factor in those calories. Now aside from the fact that one person’s ‘drizzle’ could be another person’s ‘pour’ there’s actually a pretty good chance that you’re adding 100-200 cals a day to your meals with that ‘dash’.

That ‘drizzle’ of oil in the pan is probably around 25 ml, which depending on the type of olive oil will be at least 200 cals… But hey, that’s not worth recording right? Wrong! A sensible calorie deficit for fat loss is around 200 – 300 cals per day. So you’ve already eaten into your deficit with that one dash and turned a potentially low calorie meal like a stir fry etc into one that takes you over your allowance, for minimal satisfaction. You won’t notice those extra calories, and you’ll consume them without them really affecting how full you feel but they can really add up. If you’re cooking once a day that’s 1400 extra calories a week.

Now I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t use oil – if you want to then go for it! But if you are trying to lose fat, or your fat (weight) loss has stalled perhaps go back to basics and double check whether the amount you’re using could be more than you realise. And be a bit more mindful of this, or simply record it and have it within your daily calories. If you want to reduce the calories from cooking with oil then invest in a one calorie oil spray (you can get olive oil ones so you still get the health benefits if those monounsaturated fats) – 20 sprays will only be 20 calories, rather than the 200 plus cals from the ‘dash’ of oil 🤗


Nutrition and Calorie Tips

A snack or loads of snacks…

A snack or loads of snacks… 🍫

There are lots of strategies you can use when trying to stick to your calorie deficit to lose weight/fat. Being aware of the calories in the foods you choose to consume and swapping to lower calorie foods which you also enjoy is an obvious option. As well as the calories though it’s worth considering the quantity and volume of the food you’re choosing.

Snacking is a common problem and an easy way to extra calories to sneak in. If you were to snack on a chocolate tiffin bar you’re looking at a substantial 400 calories of food. That’s quite a lot for a snack, and it will be gone in a few bites. However for only 259 calories you could have a curly wurly, a light babybel, some raspberries and a packet of popchips. This combination not only has the advantage of fewer calories overall, but also higher protein overall which will help to keep you fuller for longer, and they contain more fibre (mainly from the raspberries) and other micronutrients which will also help. But an often overlooked aspect is that there is also a greater volume of food in the lower calorie option. It will take you longer to eat the 4 snacks than the muffin, which will also increase feelings of satisfaction. You may also even find you don’t even need to eat all 4 snacks.

Obviously if you fancy the tiffin and can fit it into your calories then go for it but this is just another strategy to add to your toolkit to help you stick to those calories.


Enjoy 🤗