Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: The Blame Game

Tuesday Tip: The Blame Game 🤷🏼‍♀️

So some of the reasons I often hear from people about why they’re off track or can’t reach their goals is because of their friends or family. Sometimes it’s because their friends expect them to drink/eat certain things and apply pressure, sometimes it’s because they don’t want to appear ‘rude’, sometimes it’s because they have to cater for others and don’t think that’s compatible with losing weight.

This is a tricky one and I know this will seem quite harsh but at the end of the day if your goal is to lose weight and to achieve that you need to modify what or how much you eat/drink then YOU need to be in control of that. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to eat or drink anything. YOU choose what to put in your mouth. Yes it can be hard to be in social situations and yes it will test your will power, maybe you’ll even have to refuse some kindly offered drink or dessert, but I promise you, if they are really your friends and family then they love you and will forgive you!

You can go to social situations and not drink and eat huge amounts. You can refuse a dessert, or make a lower calorie choice or alternate booze with water, but YOU have to want to. I promise you, you will still have a great time! And in years to come it’s the memories with people you’ll remember, not what you ate or drank.

You can cater for the rest of the family or your friends and still stay on track. It’s entirely possible to cook delicious, hearty, lower calorie meals – that often your family/friends won’t even realise are lower calorie. My clients do this every day!

One thing you can do to help is to actually explain to your friends and family what you’re doing, why it’s important to you and that you’d appreciate their support. You’ll probably find they’ll help! And if they don’t… well at the end of the day – it’s your body and your life. I guarantee that those who really care about you will celebrate with you when you reach your goals, and those that don’t… well it says far more about them than you. You don’t have to be unkind or thoughtless, you don’t have to be selfish, you can still be the kind, loving person you are – and achieve your own health goals. So stop blaming others, take control and responsibility for you body and actions.

Happy Tuesday



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