Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: 3 Easy Diet Tips

Tuesday tip: 3 Easy Diet Tips 🤗

Sometimes it can all seem a bit daunting – starting a new fitness regime, trying to eat healthily etc and at this time of year with the current lockdown and home working/ home schooling etc it can be so overwhelming that you just stop! Lots of studies have shown that adopting small habit changes lead to success with weight loss and healthy eating, so here are 3 easy steps you can take every day, that will soon become healthy habits.

#1 Focus on what you CAN have

We all have that slightly rebellious streak in us – when we’re told we can’t have something we want it more. So a simple mind shift can make all the difference in not only sticking to healthier eating but also being happy about it! Don’t think of all the foods you can’t or shouldn’t have — discover and rejoice in all the new and delicious foods you CAN eat. And remember you can have everything – just in smaller portions!

#2 Put it where you can see it

Studies have shown that just putting ‘healthy’ food out on display makes you more likely to choose them. Keep fruit on your kitchen counter, or at your desk. Arrange your cupboards so low calorie snacks are the first thing you see. If you must have the other stuff in the house then hide it. Invest in a sealable tupperware to store the chocolate or biscuits etc in. In the fridge try to keep healthy lower calorie stuff at eye level – carrots, sugar snap peas, yoghurt, grapes etc. Have tupperwares of cut melon, pineapple, berries, crudités etc in the fridge too if you can. The goal here is to make those foods as easy and accessible as possible.

#3 Get up, Stand up …

Recent research shows that being seated all day is actually a greater health risk than smoking (in terms of increased risk of cardiovascular disease). So… get up! Whenever you can – stand! Choose to stand up when having your morning cuppa, checking email, waiting for appointments, if you can then walk while you take work calls etc. Aim to stand more than you sit if at all possible!

There you go! Easy as 1,2,3!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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