Tuesday Tip

Tuesday tip: Get back on track

Tuesday tip: Get back on track 🙌🏼

With lockdown changing routines and habits it may be that you’ve gained a little weight recently. We all have! With Summer approaching and the regulations lifting it may really get you down and weight loss may seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get back on track.

# Do something

Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow”, you never will! So start small and start today. If it’s exercise that’s slipped then just commit to 5 mins of something, whatever it is, once you do 5 mins, it’s easier to do 10, 15 or even 20 mins. Same with food, start small e.g. cut out post dinner chocolate, only have 1 glass of wine, reduce portion size etc. Small steps quickly equal big leaps.

# Ditch the guilt

It’s natural to feel guilty, embarrassed, even ashamed if you’ve regained weight. Everyone gains sometimes, beating yourself up over that chocolate bar won’t help, instead focus on how you’ll make sure your next meal is healthier. Strive for progress, not perfection.

# Plan to succeed

Meal planning is helpful to prevent you reaching for easy, high calorie options. It doesn’t need to be a detailed plan, just decide on main meals for the next few days/week and have a list of snack options. Write it out and put it somewhere visible (e.g. the fridge)

# Friends

Tell your friends what you’re doing and ask for their support. You could even do a challenge together. Sometimes it just helps to have someone to vent to as well! Also get your family on side and ask them to help and support you.

# Ask for help

Whether it’s from the dr, a nutritionist or a PT it helps to have someone to hold you accountable. A professional can help unpack why you may have gained the weight and what you can do to make a change that sticks. If you’re coming back from illness or injury then speak to a physio/GP to learn what exercises you may have to modify. I often work closely with clients’ physios/ Dr’s to design safe and effective programs for them.

Weight gain happens and weight loss is hard work, so if you’re struggling don’t give up or feel defeated, we all feel like this and you’re not alone.

Happy Tuesday 🤗 xx

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