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Bodyweight workout number 4! Ten mins, ten exercises!

Well this is becoming a bit of a tradition now isn’t it! We’re over 2 weeks into this lockdown now with no sign of it changing anytime soon. So while we’re all still missing our classes here’s another little workout for you!

Once again it’s equipment-free. All you need is yourself, a watch/iphone to time it, and a mat if you want one for your knees/hands.

Always remember anything is better than nothing so you don’t need to do a long exercise session. This is another ten minute circuit – if you have more time then you can always do it twice or three times, but if you don’t then just do it once! Get everyone involved! 🙂

If you want to do it “with me” then there’s a video below.

Or you can use the pics below or download a pdf of the workout here: Bodyweight Circuit 4

Oh and in case you’re wondering why my clients know the fast feet as the seagull dance… this is why: seagull dance (the resemblance is uncanny! 🤣)

Have fun! 🙂


Ps. If you missed the previous workouts they’re here: Bodyweight Circuit 3, Bodyweight circuit 2 and my first one is here (Bodyweight circuit 1)

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