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Another Quick Bodyweight Home Workout – Another Ten mins, Ten Exercises

Well I’m still missing my classes, as I’m sure many of you are too, so I thought I’d do another little workout for you!

It’s equipment-free. All you need is yourself, a watch/iphone to time it, and a mat if you want one for your knees/hands.

Remember it doesn’t need to be a long session – any exercise is good! This little circuit takes only ten mins again – if you have more time then you can always do it twice or three times, but if you don’t then just do it once! Get everyone involved! 🙂

If you want to do it “with me” then there’s a video below.

Or you can use the pics below or download a pdf of the workout here: Bodyweight Circuit 3

Have fun! 🙂


Ps. If you missed the last workout it’s here (Bodyweight circuit 2) and my first one is here (Bodyweight circuit 1)


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