Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: How to stop those binges

Tuesday Tip: How to stop those binges 🍟🍕

We all succumb to binge eating from time to time e.g. those times you eat a tub of ice cream and 2 doughnuts. Lots of things can trigger this eating behaviour, but there are a few things that can help prevent these binges.

#1 Don’t massively reduce your calories.

It’s tempting after a ‘bad’ weekend to drop to eating only 500 cals or live off juice, but that just leads to overeating later. To achieve sustained fat loss you need a moderate caloric deficit, flexibility to enjoy your favourite foods and some activity. You don’t need to cut out food groups, exercise manically or liquidise your food.

#2 Do something productive instead

If you’re an emotional eater (I am – happy – eat chocolate, bad day eat chocolate etc) then try to get your mind off food and do something productive – read, workout, find a hobby, call friends etc.

#3 Don’t label foods good and bad

Some foods are better for us than others, but no food is ‘bad’ – it’s just about how much you have of it. Eat whole, nutritious foods and leave some of your calories for your favorite treats. A diet you can adhere to for the rest of your life is a diet that works.

#4 No cheat days

Cheat days aren’t a good idea; aside from the fact you’re labelling foods and demonising foods as something you have to ‘cheat’ to have, you’re sabotaging yourself. Calling it a cheat day gives you free reign to overeat all day, ruining a week’s progress. Instead enjoy treats as part of your normal diet and if you do have a ‘cheat’ make it a meal not a day.

#5 Remove triggers

If there are certain foods you know will set off a binge then don’t have them in the house. If you can’t moderate the amount of ice cream you have then don’t buy it; have it when you’re out as a treat. Out of sight, out of mind.

#6 Remember how it makes you

Think about how you’ll feel afterwards. You’ll feel bloated, maybe sick, and the next day you’ll feel sluggish, guilty, frustrated, and you’ll continue this spiral of deprivation and overeating and limit your progress etc. Are the consequences worth it?

The best approach is to eat a balanced diet, including foods you love, every day.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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