Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Accept you’re not doing it right

Tuesday Tip: Accept you’re not doing it right 🙌🏼

How you think about your fat loss has a profound impact on how you cope with sticking to a sustainable fat loss plan.

If the weight isn’t dropping and you’re saying to yourself ‘I’m doing ‘everything right’ but I’m not losing weight (fat) – it must mean I need a new program or diet or there’s just something wrong with me and I can’t lose weight right? Wrong. If you’re not losing fat then quite simply you’re not doing everything right.

Not losing fat or weight is the ultimate proof that you’re not doing everything right when it comes to fat loss. It means you’re not at a consistent calorie deficit. If you were you’d be losing fat. But the bigger issue is that this sort of thinking of ‘I’m doing everything right’ immediately puts you on the defensive. If you’re doing everything right, then there can’t possibly be anything to correct – because everything is right? So there’s no impetus to change your own behaviours or actions or find a solution.

With the ‘I’m doing everything right’ thinking you can’t possibly be consuming too many calories? You can’t possibly be incorrectly estimating portion sizes , you can’t possibly have forgotten to log some of those calories, it can’t possibly be that you’re doing something (probably subconsciously) that means you’re eating more calories than you think… because you’re ‘doing everything right’.

What we need to do is be a bit more

open minded and accept that we must be doing something wrong so we can then figure out what the solution is and how to fix the problem. So if you’re not making progress and feeling like you’re doing everything right try to take a step back and rephrase it; ‘I’m not losing fat, I must be doing something wrong’ and then you can find out what that is and try to fix it.

That way you’ll be more likely to solve the problem and continue on your fat loss journey

Happy Tuesday 🤗 xx

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