Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Surviving lack of sleep

Tuesday Tip: Surviving lack of sleep đź’¤ We all suffer from bad night’s sleep from time to time. I’ve talked before about how to ensure you sleep better but here are some tips on how to cope when you just don’t get the sleep you need, without resorting to endless coffees!# 1 Stay hydratedDehydration makes you feel even more tired so start the day with a large glass of water (add a squeeze of lemon for extra freshness). Ensure you keep drinking plenty during the day. # 2 Cold showerTry contrast showers – alternating between hot and cold water stimulates your circulation. Also splash cold water on your face or use a cold damp cloth on your neck to give you a boost.# 3 Use Peppermint oilTry dabbing peppermint essential oil on your clothes, or on a little on a tissue and inhale the scent with a few deep breaths. If it’s in a skin-safe carrier then also rub some on your wrists and neck for an energy boost.# 4 MoveEven if you’re exhausted it’s important to move as much as you can. Walk or cycle to work, go for a walk at lunch, or just try 5 mins of exercises when you get up. Do something outside as the daylight blocks the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, preventing you feeling too drowsy.# 5 Eat rightIt’s tempting to reach for starchy carbs and sugar to get you through the day. Avoid these and instead grab some fresh fruit and protein rich foods (e.g nuts, yoghurt, chicken, fish etc). Avoid heavy meals that use lots of energy for digestion. You can also try chewing peppermint gum; a recent study found it significantly increased alertness.# 6 Power napIf you can take a mini nap at some point in the day it will really help to recharge your battery. Make sure it’s less than 20 mins though or you will end up feeling more tired than before. # 7 Mix it upWhen you’ve not had enough sleep you are likely to be less active and less productive the following day. So try to manage your day by focusing on activities that are “easier”and require less thought. Also try to do something different or mix up your routine to keep you alert. Try these tips the next time you’ve missed out on those zzzzzz’sHappy Tuesday! 🤗xx

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