Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Satisfying Portions

Tuesday Tip: Satisfying Portions 🍲

Recent studies have shown that portion size is a major issue when it comes to weight gain (or lack of weight/ fat loss). So here are a few tips to curb your appetite but still feel satisfied?

#1 All the veg

Vegetables are not only low in calories, but filled with fibre and so great at filling you up. So try to make sure at least 50% of your plate is filled with veg: broccoli, green beans, asparagus etc are great, as are mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, salad etc. Also try snacking on carrot and cucumber while you’re preparing your meal to fill you up and stop you overeating.

#2 Clean eating can be dirty

Just because a food is touted as “clean” or a “superfood” doesn’t mean you have a free reign to eat as much as you like. Nuts and avocados are prime suspects here – yes they’re great for you, but the’re also full of fats (good fats) and calorie dense. So just be mindful of how much you’re eating of them.

#3 Have a treat

Don’t cut out the treats. Studies have shown that indulging in your favourite treats now and then can aid weight loss… IF you stick to measured portions and keep track of what you’re having. So if you fancy an ice cream – have it, just have a normal portion rather than the whole tub.

#4 Measure your food

Most of us aren’t as good as we think we are at judging weights and measures of food, so get those scales out and see how much you’re really eating. It’s also worth looking at the recommended portion sizes of foods from the manufacturers tosee if you’re eating a lot more than that.

#5 Eat enough

Whilst it’s important to keep portion sizes under control there is no point going for tiny portions and starving yourself. You may eat less at that meal but you’re likely to be so hungry that you overeat later, and will undo any calorie deficit you’ve built up that day (or week!). Eat enough to feel comfortably full, not stuffed and ensure you’re actually hungry before your meals – if you’re not then you’re definitely eating too much.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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