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Tuesday Tip: Always hungry?

Tuesday Tip: Always hungry? 🍔

Is hunger sabotaging your weight loss attempts? Here are a few reasons why and ideas to help you manage it

#1 thirst

The hypothalamus regulates both hunger and thirst. When you are dehydrated, it sends the same signals as hunger so make sure you’re drinking lots and when you start to feel hungry drink some water first before eating.

#2 Too much last night

If you ate too much the night before you will wake up hungry again. This is due to the impact on blood sugar and insulin levels, and because your stomach will be stretched and “expecting” a greater food volume making you hungry.

#3 Cutting calories

If you’ve just started reducing your calories by 300 or more cals a day then of course you will feel hungry. It’s a good thing. Try to ensure you fill up with lots of fibre (e.g broccoli) and protein to help you stay fuller for longer or have frequent but smaller meals.

#4 Food porn

If you’re spending hours scrolling through posts of delicious food then it’s no wonder you’re hungry. Recent studies show that the mere sight of food increases ghrelin levels (hunger hormone) making you hungrier.

# Not enough sleep

Sleep deprivation reduces levels of leptin (hunger suppressing hormone) and increases ghrelin – making you eat more. This is why lack of sleep is often associated with weight gain.

#7 Skipping meals

Racing to work skipping brekkie, or working through lunch means by the afternoon you’re so hungry you’re likely to over eat. There is only one solution: eat regularly! Aim for 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks a day to keep your hunger in check.

#8 Bored

Ask yourself if you are hungry for an apple or a handful of nuts – if the answer is no – you’re not hungry. Find a distraction – work out, go for a walk, read a book etc.

#9 Eating too fast

If you’re eating too fast  your stomach can’t keep up and still sends hunger signals, meaning you will eat more. Slow down, chew properly and spent at least 20 mins on your meals.

#10  Eating too little

ok finally – if none of that applies you could be eating too little…but if you’re not losing weight then this option is probably the least likely I’m afraid!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Starvation Mode Myth

Tuesday Tip: Starvation Mode Myth 🥗

I am often asked whether consuming too few calories causes your metabolism to slow down so that you stop losing weight, and even gain weight, as the body “hangs on to fat”. People say that to get out of this “starvation mode” you need to eat more. One small problem – starvation mode is a myth!

As long as you have a calorie deficit (eating less than you burn) you will lose weight – regardless. Calories in vs calories out is what matters. A long term calorie deficit does cause adaptive thermogenesis (metabolic rate slow down) BUT it is not significant enough to stop weight loss and can’t cause weight gain! It just slows the rate of weight loss down, but what slows it even more is the fact that you’ve already lost weight so the body isn’t burning as many calories as it did initially. That’s why you need to adjust your calorie intake as you lose weight and why plateaus are common. In one famous large scale study – the Minnesota study – 36 men were put on a 24 week low calorie diet (1560 cals) and also had to complete physical tasks. ALL the men lost approx 25% body weight and ended up at approx 5% body fat. No one stopped losing weight, no one gained weight. You can’t defy the laws of thermodynamics – you need energy to fuel your body, you can’t magic it out of thin air, if you don’t eat enough you will lose

So what’s the moral of the story? If you’re not losing any weight/fat or your shape isn’t changing over a significant period of time, it’s not because your calories are too low, or because you’re in starvation mode. It’s because there is no deficit. Even if you think there is… there isn’t. If there was, you’d be losing weight!

Happy Tuesday🤗