Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Managing Anxiety

Tuesday Tip: Managing Anxiety 😥

We’re bombarded with Covid-19 info, which combined with closure of businesses ,schools and public events can create anxiety. If anxiety is affecting your ability to function then speak to a professional, but there are also some things you can do to help.

#1 Acknowledge it

Denying it will only cause more stress, so be aware of it and accept it; it’s ok to feel anxious.

#2 Focus on the right info

Avoid the scaremongering news and find positive stories about those who’ve recovered. Remember the recovery rate far outweighs the mortality rate (WHO data). 

#3 Switch off

Constant social media increases anxiety (plus much is inaccurate!). Timelines create “anticipatory anxiety” where people expect something bad to happen leading to panic and increasing anxiety. Choose 1 or 2 times a day to check the latest govt info from reputable sources.

#4 Stay active

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy (stimulating the immune system), and needs concentration, so is a distraction. It combats physiological symptoms of anxiety e.g. nausea, muscle tension etc and the endorphins make you feel better, as will fresh air and sunshine if you can get out.

#5 Eat well

It’s easy to resort to self destructive behaviours e.g. booze, overeating etc. Remember alcohol is a depressant so won’t help your mood, and overeating can lead to a cycle of guilt. Aim for balanced meals and include all the foods you enjoy, in moderation.

# 6 Sleep

Anxiety affects sleep quality so stick to a good sleep routine; get up at similar times, create a calming environment to sleep in, avoid the news/social media at night.

#7 Be realistic

Your daily routine has completely changed so don’t expect it to be easy. Allow yourself time to process the change in daily life and planned events etc. Take breaks, accept that you won’t be as productive at home, or that home schooling is hard etc. Everyone is feeling the same.

#8 Keep in touch

It’s easy to recreate social events and stay in touch with friends/family with zoom etc. Try to connect with friends rather debating with strangers on social media. It’s ok to take some alone time too! 

Hopefully these will help you.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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