Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Eating too much in Lockdown

Tuesday Tip: Eating too much in Lockdown 😋

Home workouts and our allowed outdoor exercise are great but many of us are going to be far less active during lockdown and therefore worried about weight gain. This can lead to a cycle of feeling rubbish and eating rubbish etc. However with a few little tweaks you can make sure you come out the other side of lockdown feeling physically and emotionally better!

The most important thing is to eat to your current activity, not your ‘normal’ activity. But now is definitely NOT the time to try drastic fad diets, or to be cutting out food groups, so instead focus on these tips:

#1 Reduce portion size

This is the simplest thing to do. You don’t need to cut foods out, just eat smaller portions. Start by using a side plate instead of your usual dinner plate. Reducing portions will reduce cals without needing to think too much about it.

#2 Load up on veg and fruits

Fill your plate with vegetables. The higher amounts of fibre will help to keep you full, and of course the vitamins and minerals will help your immune system. Snack on fruit; a whole punnet of strawberries is only 100 cals or so, so load up! They’ll help quash any sweet cravings too – win win.

#3 Protein and fats

Make sure every meal contains protein and fats. Protein will help with muscle maintenance, and combined with fats will keep you fuller for longer. So half a plate of veg, and the remaining half split between protein (lean meat, fish or plant based proteins), fats and obviously some starchy carbs (pasta, rice etc).

#4 Water

Make sure you’re drinking enough. If you’re out of routine you may be drinking less than usual – double check you’re having 2-3 litres in a day.

#5 Think before you eat

This is the toughest one but try to ask yourself one question before you reach for that snack. Are you really hungry or just bored? If you’re used to dashing around and suddenly you’re not then you may be boredom snacking. Pop a post-it on your fridge posing that question, so you stop and think before you snack.

Hopefully these will help you stay on track.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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