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A healthy snack….. or is it?

A healthy snack….. or is it? 🍫

There are lots of snack bars out there that are marketed to imply that they are a “healthy” choice. This is a perfect example – this bar definitely looks like it’s a healthy choice. It’s got oats and banana in it – which are great for a sustained energy release, and it contains chia seeds – they’re a super food right so it must be good?

So you might decide to reach for this rather than reaching for a chocolate bar thinking it was a better choice. Well that may not always be the case.

Although it does contain a good range of nutrients and will definitely give you energy and keep you full, it’s also very high in calories (and fat and sugar). You could actually have 2 crunchie chocolate bars for fewer calories. So if you were trying to lose fat/weight and looking for a snack, then rather than reaching for a “healthy” snack bar you’re probably better off just going for a snack you actually want – like a chocolate bar if that’s what you fancy. And if you do want the oat based bars then be sure the read the labels carefully as some are extremely high in calories.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to lose fat or weight, it comes down to calories. So enjoy a balanced diet overall and just be mindful of the calories in what you’re having.

Enjoy 🤗


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