Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Watch the Weekends

Tuesday Tip: Watch the weekends 🥂

If you’re trying to lose bodyfat then consistency is key; a consistent calorie deficit over weeks/months to see a sustainable change.

Often we are great at achieving a calorie deficit during the week but weekends signal downtime, changes in routine and relaxation – which means relaxing on the food side of things too; allowing yourself what you want, or just not being mindful about tracking.

It’s very easy to blow your calorie deficit in one night, even when you think you’re being good. You’re out to dinner, but you’re going to be ‘good’; you have a small healthy starter, for main you go for the fish, with veg and you only have a little potato – fine right? But you have a few of your friend’s chips, and a few mouthfuls of your other friend’s dish.. oh and a few olives (but you didn’t have the garlic bread so that’s good)… and only one glass of prosecco… so that’s good? There is NOTHING wrong with any of that. BUT if you’re convincing yourself that you’re only a little over your cals and you’re not bothering to even try to track it because you don’t know where to start then you’re in for a bit of a surprise. In reality you’ve just clocked up over 1300 cals on a ‘good’ meal and BOOM you’ve just eaten or drunk away your deficit from the whole week.

The choice is yours, but the only way you can make that choice is by acknowledging what you’re consuming over the weekends and by continuing to log. You want to aim for an average deficit over the entire week so you need to know what you’re doing at the weekends.

So here are a few tips to help.

⁃ Check the menu in advance and decide what you want

⁃ Estimate the cals in your meal (using similar foods and then add a little extra for oil/butter etc)

⁃ Don’t dip in to others’ plates

⁃ Have slightly smaller breakfasts/lunches the day before and after to buffer the meal out

⁃ Remember those foods will all be there once you reach your goal so decide what matters most to you now – if it’s the meal then just have what you want and enjoy it, but log it so you can see where the extra calories are coming in. If it’s reaching your goal then consider pulling back a bit.

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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