Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Find the Joy

Tuesday tip: Find the Joy 🤗

It might sound silly but one of the most important things about getting into a new fitness routine is making it fun! Here’s why:

#1 Overcoming fear

Fear is a massive obstacle for starting to get fit – fear of failure, fear of not keeping up, fear of judgement, fear of feeling out of shape while you do it, fear of getting sweaty. But the idea of having fun counters this. Find something that sounds more fun than scary. e.g. a colour 5k, or a disco light dance class with your mates, etc.

#2 Staying motivated

If you’re not enjoying it you’re far less likely to drag yourself to the gym on those dark, cold days. Fun will motivate you when things like “losing weight” or “getting fit” sound less appealing than sitting on the sofa in your pj’s watching TV. It gives you something to be excited about and look forward to. So find a workout than brings you joy.

# Staying consistent

Consistency is key so being excited about your workout (or at least an element of it!) is key to ensuring you keep going. Find that exercise that you really love, that makes you smile or laugh, that feels exciting. That way you’ll go back again and again, you won’t bail and you’ll even find yourself arranging things around it. That means you’ll keep doing it! It might be a class with your favourite instructor, or an early run with your friends, or a dance class with your partner…

# Opening up more fitness

It’s like a gateway drug lol! It lets you get comfortable with working out that may well lead on to other stuff. I never thought I’d end up doing what I do – but it’s the fun element of the classes I went to, and now teach, that opened up this world to me. Get comfy with workouts that feel fun, rather than a punishment.

# Likeminded people

Chances are if you’re there for the fun, so are others, and if they’re enjoying what you are then they’re likely to be people you will get on with. It’ a fab way of meeting people, or just finding a bunch of people to share that 45 mins of joy with.

Finding the right exercise can take some trial and error, but it’s so important to keep trying until you find that joy!

Happy Tuesday 🤗


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