Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Embrace Mornings

Tuesday Tip: Embrace Mornings ☀️

If you’re not a morning person then working out early can seem horrendous but there’s lots of reasons to give it a go. It is linked to reduced blood pressure, and studies have shown you consume fewer calories throughout the day, and it means your workout is done, leaving your day free! Here are some tips to help embrace the morning!

#1 Buddy up

It’s harder to hit snooze if someone else is waiting for you. A study in the journal of Obesity found people lost more weight when they worked out with others. So find a workout buddy – go to an early class together, or for a walk or run, or it could be a virtual buddy that you text, or share your workouts with on social media.

#2 Enjoy it

If you loathe working out in the gym you’re far less likely to get up early to do it. Find something you enjoy – bootcamp, walks, cycling, spin, etc. It’s your time so spend it on something that will get you fit and feeling happy.

#3 Be prepared

Get your kit ready the night before; lay it out, have the bag ready by the door, have your brekkie bits out and ready to go. That way you don’t have to get up EVEN earlier. Make it as easy as possible for yourself.

#4 Plan

Make a plan and commit to it. Don’t be vague about what you may do the next morning; plan it, write it down, tell someone, and you’re far more likely to do it. The first few mornings will be tough but the more you wake up early the easier it gets.

#5 Reward yourself

Set yourself a goal e.g. 4 weeks that early spin class 3 times a week, and then reward yourself with something. Don’t reward yourself with food; instead pick a reward like a new top, new trainers, trip to the cinema, time out with your book etc. If you’ve spent time working out early maybe you can have a little me time later in the day as a daily reward too.

#6 Be Happy

This sounds cheesy but focusing on the positive aspects of those early mornings makes a massive difference. Appreciating the quiet, the sunrise, the frost on the ground, being thankful you’re able to get up and workout, being happy to be up and moving will make it so much easier to stick to.

Happy early mornings guys! 🤗


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