Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Top weight-loss foods

Tuesday Tip: Top weight-loss foods 🥗

Sadly there’s no such thing as magic food that makes you lose fat or weight! Only one thing achieves this – a calorie deficit ie eating less than you burn. But there are still things you should be eating. They won’t cause fat loss, but will improve your chances of success.

#1 Protein

After total calories, protein is the next most important thing to help fat loss. Why? Because it helps you feel full which means you’re less likely to over eat. It also helps preserve and repair muscle, important when working out. It has the highest thermic effect (ie you burn more calories digesting it than other nutrients – though the difference is small). Aim for 1g protein per pound of target body weight and spread it across your meals – from any source. BUT don’t sacrifice total calories to hit your protein goal – if you go over your daily calories to get your total protein goal you won’t lose fat.

#2 Fibre

Fibre is also vital to help you feel full. It forms the bulk in food – high volume, low calories – so a large portion of veg (fibre)with your meal will make you feel fuller than the same amount of calories with little fibre. It also helps to stabilise blood sugar levels by slowing digestion meaning you’re less likely to get that blood sugar crash and desire to eat more. Aim for 10 – 17g fibre per pound of target weight a day, and spread it across your meals. High fibre foods include whole vegetables and fruits (not juice), beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds etc.

# 3 food you enjoy

Most important – eat foods you like!

Don’t force yourself to eat foods you hate  or are a pain to prepare – you won’t stick to it and it will only lead to failure. That doesn’t mean go and live off junk food, but if you hate broccoli don’t eat it, choose veg you prefer instead; really dislike brown rice? then eat white rice instead; not a porridge person? go for a different nutrient dense carb source. As long as your total calories are what you need each day it will make zero difference to your fat loss. But it will make a big difference to your enjoyment and likelihood of success!

Happy Tuesday! 🤗


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