Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Less Sleep More Fat

Tuesday Tip: Less Sleep More Fat 😴

There’s lots of evidence now about the link between sleep and weight. Getting less than 7-8 hrs sleep a night is linked to higher BMI. A 2015 study showed that losing just 30 mins sleep can lead to weight gain and increased risk of obesity by 17% and insulin resistance by 39 % and this multiplies for every further 30 mins lost.

A university of Colorado study found that lack of sleep was linked to food choices and meal patterns. Those with less sleep ate more, but also chose food higher in fat and carbs, ate smaller breakfasts but were more likely to snack after dinner. Another study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that lack of sleep resulted in participants eating an average of 300 extra calories per day (and mostly saturated fats). This is due to the impact sleep has on the hormones that regulate hunger and fullness – ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin tells your brain you’re hungry – less sleep means more of this is produced. Leptin, tells your brain you’re full – lack of sleep causes this to drop. So you feel more hungry and less full – meaning you’re likely to eat more. Cortisol levels also increase which cause the body to conserve energy and store fat.

I’ve talked about ways to improve sleep before but key things are reducing exposure to light and electronic devices an hour before sleep, increasing exercise in the day, cutting out caffeine (after 2pm) and alcohol (3 – 4 hr’s before bed) and sticking to a regular sleep schedule of bedtime and waking.

Sweet dreams!

Happy Tuesday 🤗 xx

1 thought on “Tuesday Tip: Less Sleep More Fat”

  1. Like anything related to obesity, it depends. I guess each of us may react differently. I do have problems sleeping but I don’t seem to eat more. I don’t usually eat in the evening, not after 6 pm. I’m usually having a healthy breakfast, quite rich. Yet I’m on a plateau, not getting fatter, not thinner, despite a healthy diet (Mediterranean + South Beach with some Dash Diet rules). My problem seems to be lack of exercise, this is what I’m trying to correct now. Most probably, this will help at least with some more sleep. I’ll try also cutting using electronic devices before bedtime good advice. Good old book reading might work 😀


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