Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: Sweet sleep

Tuesday Tip: Sweet sleep 😴

Most people need more sleep. Too little sleep causes hormonal changes which influence appetite (and weight), mental alertness, motor function and the immune system. Better sleep improves recovery, and aids weight loss.  Here are a few science backed tips.

#1 Stick to a sleep schedule

Sleep is all about rhythm; a stable sleep schedule will help you get to sleep, sleep more soundly and wake refreshed. You need to figure out your chronotype (early riser, night owl etc) – there are online tests to help. Combine your chronotype with your lifestyle and come up with the best fit. Then stick to it – every day; not just week days, every single day (even holidays).

#2 No caffeine after 2pm

Caffeine still has 50% of its stimulant effect 6 – 8 hours after consumption; a 4pm coffee is still having a stimulant effect at 10pm. It disrupts melatonin production (the sleep regulating hormone). Even if you think you sleep fine after coffee, studies show less deep and REM sleep and far poorer quality. It’s not just coffee that contains caffeine – tea,chocolate, and energy drinks do too. Cut caffeine consumption gradually and replace with other options.

#3 No alcohol within 3 hrs of bedtime

Alcohol is a commonly used sleep aid, but it’s probably the worst!  It helps you fall asleep, but drastically reduces sleep quality and REM sleep. It causes restless, fragmented sleep and inhibits melatonin, messing with your bio clock. You’re more likely to wake frequently in the 2nd half of the night, not get back to sleep , and you will suffer fatigue, mental slowness, irritability and often sleep badly the following night. Ensure you have your last alcoholic drink over 3 hrs before bedtime so it can be metabolised.

# Here comes the sun

Five minutes of sun exposure in the morning resets your body’s bio clock and strengthens your natural sleep-wake cycle, regulating melatonin production. Morning sunlight exposure causes melatonin to drop so you feel alert and awake. If you can’t get outside exposure to bright light indoors works too.

Don’t let another night go by with rubbish sleep! Try these tips

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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