Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip: How to get back on the Wagon

Tuesday tip: how to get back on the wagon 🍟🍔🍕

Last week I told you calories count, which they do, so what happens when you splurge and blow your calories? Should you just throw in the towel and write the day off? Before you beat yourself up for blowing it, or find yourself stuck in a day of over eating , try these tips to get back on track.

#1 Chin up

Stay positive – do you’ve fallen off the wagon? So what – one meal or one calorie splurge isn’t the end of the world. Refocus and think about why you’re trying to lose weight – what’s your goal? Marathon? Wedding? Holiday? Keep up with the kids in the park? Remember why you’re doing this – and remember there are peaks and troughs – the journey can still be down even with those bumps on the way.

# 2 Make the next meal healthy

Make the next meal you have after a splurge a healthy one. Don’t start tomorrow, start now. You’ll feel better for it and it will get you back on track.

#3 Bank some calories

Do not starve yourself or severely restrict your calories after a blip as you’ll only end up ravenous and more likely to splurge again – but you can bank a few calories by just eating 100 – 200 cals less for the next few days. You’ll hardly notice that cut and it will just help to buffer the effects of over eating.

# 4 Get active

You can’t put exercise bad food but you can burn a few extra calories and make yourself feel better but getting active. So go for a walk, cycle, swim, grab the skipping rope and do a 2 Min skip – anything!

# 5 Think!

Have a think about what drove the calorie splurge? No need to beat yourself up about it but it is worth thinking through why you binged. Did you end up filling the cupboards with junk that you know you can’t resist? Were you bored? Hungry? No healthy options to hand? Emotional? Did your friends persuade you to have that extra drink? Just try to workout why? If the junk in your kitchen is too tempting stop buying it, if you’re eating (or drinking) for social reasons embracing the power of “no”, or ask for your friends’ support etc.

Happy Tuesday 🤗xx

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