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‘Bad’ fries or ‘good’ nuts…

‘Bad’ fries or ‘good’ nuts… 🍟

If you had snacked on a bag of small fries you would probably be feeling guilty that you’d chosen a ‘bad’ option. In contrast if you’d had 50g of Brazil nuts you would probably be polishing your halo for having such a ‘good’ snack.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat I am not suggesting Mcdonald’s fries are healthier than Brazil nuts. From a nutritional point of view the Brazil nuts are definitely a better choice. They’ve also been shown to reduce HDL cholesterol levels amongst other benefits. They contain heart-healthy fatty acids, such as polyunsaturated fats, and are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and fibre. They are the best source of the mineral selenium which is essential for the immune system, thyroid and cell function. They are calorie dense though.

McDonald’s fries on the other hand have no redeeming features other than the fact they may taste good. They’re not a nutrient dense food.

However they are lower calorie than the Brazil nuts.

So if your goal was fat loss and you decided to just replace those fries you have every Saturday afternoon with the Brazil nuts because they’re ‘good’ you’d actually be consuming more calories. Thereby not helping your goal.

Am I suggesting you should choose fries over Brazil nuts? No of course not! But if you enjoy occasional bags of fries then have them. If you like Brazil nuts then have them. But just educate yourself on the number of calories and consume them within your total calorie goal. Blindly choosing foods just because they’re perceived to be ‘good’ isn’t a sensible approach. No foods are inherently good or bad – they just have different costs and benefits. The Brazil nuts give you lots of great nutrients, the fries may help you stay on track and give you some pleasure – both are fine!

Enjoy 🤗xx

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