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‘Lunch isn’t great, I tend to have a sandwich…’

‘Lunch isn’t great, I tend to have a sandwich…’ 🥪

Something I hear a lot from my clients is that ‘their lunch isn’t great as they just ended up having a sandwich’….. There’s a perception that a sandwich is an inherently bad choice when it comes to lunch. Often this stems from the idea that carbs (aka bread) are bad or ‘dirty’ and should be avoided. I hear them berating themselves for going for the sandwich option.

In contrast something like the Pret Californian salmon salad is viewed as a great option – because it’s ‘clean’ and therefore ‘good’. The fact that it’s a salad helps to create this image, and the fact that it’s loaded with protein and good fats from the salmon help too.

In reality both are great lunch options. The salmon salad does contain lots of great nutrients and will certainly fill you up – but with the dressing it’s a hefty 541 calories. The tuna and sweetcorn sandwich on the other hand is only 329 cals, is also loaded with protein and good fats and will also keep you full. It’s also a lot cheaper and more widely available.

So if you have the calories and want the Pret salad – go for it! If you prefer a sandwich, or just find the sandwich a more convenient cost effective option then go for that! It’s a perfect package of carbs, protein and fats to keep you satisfied.

Foods aren’t ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’, or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – they’re just foods. Aside from fuelling you they also have to fit in to your lifestyle. As part of a balanced diet you can have both of these – totally guilt free!

Enjoy 🤗 xx

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