Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘I’m being good and having a weight watchers dessert….’

‘I’m being good and having a weight watchers dessert….’

Most people would assume that the weight watchers (or other weight loss brand foods) are automatically a more virtuous choice of dessert. Whilst the Gu chocolate dessert would be considered ‘bad’.

In reality they’re almost the same in terms of overall calories and the weight watchers one is much higher in sugar, and lower in fat (making it less likely to fill you up). So in reality you could have either as your dessert and it makes little difference to your overall calories.

So don’t automatically assume these weight loss branded foods are always the better option. Sometimes they’re the same or worse than other brands. And they’re often pricier! If you enjoy them then definitely have them, but if you’re only having them because you think they’re ‘good’ then think again.

Read the labels and look at the calories and then make sure choice. If you’re trying to lose weight then go for the lowest calorie option, that you actually want to eat!


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