Nutrition and Calorie Tips

Downsize your weekend treats!

Many of us do this – we’re spot on with our calories all week, with a sustainable calorie deficit and then come the weekend we over eat and blow the whole week’s deficit in one go. Many people don’t even realise the extent to which they’re doing this – they feel like they’ve been really ‘good’ all week and yeah they had a few treats at the weekend but they don’t understand why they’re not seeing results.

I understand – it’s the weekend, a chance to relax with family and friends. You buy yourself a bottle of wine, some crisps and chocolate to munch on while watching a movie etc. But very quickly you can rack up thousands of extra calories without even noticing.

I’m not suggesting that you cut out the weekend treats but maybe just consider going for smaller packs of those treats. If you buy the larger sized packs the chances are you’ll eat them all (I know I do!) because you’ve been ‘good all week so you feel you deserve them, because they taste good and because you’re in ‘relax mode’ so you’re less likely to go and weigh out an individual portion.

So maybe consider buying the smaller options. By simply swapping for smaller pack sizes you can save over 2,500 calories! If you buy these in advance, when your will power is stronger, you’ll be set up for an on track, but still enjoyable weekend! And those results will start to show!

🤗 xx

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