Nutrition and Calorie Tips

‘Healthy’ day of snacks vs ‘I’ve blown my diet’

It’s amazing how we categorise our food choices in to good and bad. 😇😈

Having a day where you snack on a fruit smoothie, some dried fruit and a handful of nuts leaves you feeling virtuous, on track and having had a great, healthy day! Whilst if you’d had a doughnut, Mars bar and a couple of chocolate digestives you’d likely be feeling guilty, like you’d ruined your diet and were off the wagon totally right?

Now obviously in terms of nutritional value the dried fruit, smoothie and nuts are arguably a better choice – some good fats, a little protein and lots of vitamins and minerals. But they are also high in sugar – and yes it’s fruit sugars, but frankly that makes very little difference to how your body uses and processes them – sugar is sugar!

In contrast the ‘bad’ snacks are high in fat and sugar and lower in vitamins, minerals and good fats and protein. And I know someone will point out they’re more ‘processed’ but honestly that makes very little difference – everything we is processed and that smoothie is just as processed as the doughnut.

So if your goal is to increase the nutrients in your diet and to eat more ‘healthily’ then yes the fruit and nuts are the way to go. But if you’re goal is weight or fat loss then you really need to stop and consider the calorie differences.

That day of ‘good’ snacks is well over 50 percent of most people’s daily calorie requirement. The ‘bad’ snacks are almost 500 cals less….

So if you were trying to lose weight then maybe the ‘bad’ snacks are actually not so bad…. and you certainly haven’t ‘blown’ your diet. In fact you can probably still have a balanced couple of meals (to get all those other nutrients in) and finish the day within your calories.

No food is inherently good or bad… they’re just food. They have different nutritional profiles and different caloric values and all are fine as part of a balanced diet 🤗

Enjoy! Xx

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