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Winter Motivation

Are you lacking in motivation now it’s getting colder and darker? Check out my article over at Sundried for my top tips to stay motivated this winter 🥶🤗 xx

(And why not treat yourself to some nice new winter kit to help with that motivation – 50 % off everything on their site with the code ‘NANCY’ – take a look at their fab range of ethical active wear from recycled plastic and coffee grounds etc) 🌍 🏃🏼‍♀️

Click below for the article:

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My Top Five Sundried Products

I was recently asked to write about my five favourite Sundried products – so here’s my top 5! These products are brill – ethically made both in terms of how they’re produced and the materials they’re made from. So they’re eco friendly (made from recycled plastic bottles, used coffee grounds and some of the products are compostable themselves!) and they’re respectful of human labour rights so not exploitative like so many clothing brands.

If you fancy getting kitted out you can get 50 percent off anything on their site ( with the code ‘NANCY’ 🌏🐒🐝🦈🐘🐋🦍🌴

Here’s the article : My Top Five Sundried Products

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