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The totally nuts protein marketing myth!

The totally nuts protein marketing myth! 🥜

It seems to be the thing at the moment to market snacks as being high protein. This is presumably based on the idea that increased protein can help weight loss (it actually only does this by increasing your feeling of fullness meaning you are less likely to eat more later, thereby keeping your calorie intake lower). This is a great example of a high protein snack…. which is in fact not that high protein. These protein nuts have only 11g protein for 299 cals, which is not really ‘high’. They’ll be priced higher because they’re marketed this way. In contrast a serving of just normal nuts actually contains more protein (13.1g ) for only 4 calories more…

The protein nuts are double the price of the normal nuts… so if you’re choosing them because you like the taste then go for it, but if you’re choosing them because you think they’re a better source of protein then save your pennies, ignore the hype and buy some normal nuts!

Enjoy 🥜 xx

2 thoughts on “The totally nuts protein marketing myth!”

  1. My Niece works for Graze, in marketing new products… perhaps I should ‘have a word’ !!Have a great day Philxx 


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