Nutrition and Calorie Tips

100 Calorie Snack Options

We all need a snack sometimes and these 100 calorie snacks (approx) are a few options for when you feel you need something but don’t want to spend lots of calories.

Obviously some are ‘healthier’ than others and some may be more likely to fill you up than others but remember you don’t have to sacrifice everything to lose weight/fat. It’s perfectly ok to snack on Jaffa cakes rather than blueberries etc if you want – just be aware of the calories and enjoy them!

Also remember it’s about having a diet that is balanced overall, that doesn’t mean that every item of food you eat needs to be providing a balance of nutrients. So have the chocolate or twiglets if it helps keep you on track, and just get the vitamins, good fats, protein in your other meals etc.

So a quick run down of what’s pictured.

On the sweet side:

200g Pineapple

310g Strawberries

170g Blueberries

Small Banana (100g)

Malt mini loaf (95cals)

Go bites energy balls (93 cals)

1/2 Small Dairy milk bar

2 Jaffa cakes (92 cals)

Halo Top ice cream lolly (80-110 cals depending on flavour)

Fibre one square (90 cals)

On the savoury side:

1 large hard boiled egg (78 cals)

Reduced fat hummous and carrots (105cals – nb different supermarkets vary in cals so do check)

12 Cashew nuts (17g)

Bag of Popchips

24g Bag of Twiglets (94 cals)

2 light mini babybels

2 oatcakes (92 cals)

20 Green olives (45g)

Happy Snacking! 🤗 xx

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