‘Nancy was a little angel on my right shoulder‘

Having been to a couple of classes led by the hugely enthusiastic motivator Nancy, I tentatively reached out to her for some online personal training as my first step into getting into a bit of shape and, most importantly for me, losing weight. Nancy was a little angel on my right shoulder at times when I had a little devil on my left and knowing she was checking in on me regularly and expecting my weight and measurements sent through every week gave me the incentive needed to start kicking off a few kilos. Yes she is fun and never takes herself too seriously but she’s also very knowledgeable about nutrition and is very clear about how to lose weight, what is nonsense and what is a waste of money.

Aside from the PT, she is so inspiring– there are real life angels in this world and Nancy is one of them.

Zoe Mcintyre, 3 months online PT 2019