‘Nancy is an absolute star and kept me going through stressful times …’

I was one of the lucky ones who never had to worry about their weight, with my small frame and size 8-10 clothes why on earth would I have a need to see a personal trainer?

As the years went by and 2 children later, I still managed to get back in shape and be able to wear the same clothes. However, what I would call a ‘spare tyre’ appeared around my waist and toning up in the gym didn’t seem to be working as well. I’ve always generally been an healthy eater but I do love chocolate and sugary treats not forgetting few glasses of wine! Little did I know that when I started to add up the calories through My Fitness Pal I was massively over what I should be eating each day. I also thought by exercising 3-4 times a week was an excuse to eat what I liked. But in Nancy’s words – you can’t out exercise what you eat!

I would meet Nancy every 2 weeks or so for a period of 3 months, that together with logging my calories and daily advice from Nancy if I struggled to work out calories.

I didn’t actually believe my body was shrinking as my weight stayed relatively the same but this is also why Nancy says weight is not a great way to measure progress. Instead we measured my arms, neck, waist, stomach, bottom and thighs every couple of weeks and as if by magic the cms seemed to drop off.

It took a few weeks to get used to logging calories but became the norm before long. I liked that I could eat foods with more calories but it just meant I couldn’t eat much else that day! So before long I choose foods lower in calories throughout the day knowing I could have a glass of wine or 2 in the evening (on occasion) as I’d saved my calories.

Nancy is an absolute star and kept me going through stressful times at work, juggling 2 boys and their social/sports engagements and a busy home. I never realised how important diet is as I always focused on exercise! Thank you Nancy, what a super-intelligent lady, I love all your research facts about nutrition, you are an inspiration!

Tracy, 3 month PT 2019, Face-to-face and online